Bubble Chironomid

Okay, okay, okay… I’ve been bad. It has been a long while since I’ve posted anything. My bad! You may strip my Rogue title away from me, but I did bring a video with me this time!

Summer is upon us, and in the Northwest the stillwater action is getting good. In fact I can feel it in my bones that it is about to explode! The two tactics I use for trout in stillwater are stripping leeches or setting up a sub-surface chironomid rig. This video addresses the latter.

Chironomid patterns are usually best when simple. The classic Mad Bomber from Orvis is about as simple as it gets, and they work. So why tie some never been used spec fly? Well, I think all fly tiers have this delusion of grandeur that we are going to come up with THE fly that will change the fly fishing world. I don’t know if this one will do it but it has a chance.

Utilizing some very cool materials from Loon Outdoors (UV Clear Finish & Fly Tying Powders) I created the Bubble Chironomid. This pattern imitates a chironomid that has latched onto an air bubble and is on its way to the surface to hatch. Trout key in on these bubbles and munch on these tiny critters all day. So give it a try and post any successes or alterations below or on Twitter or Instagram.

Be sure to give Loon Outdoors some love and support. Their products are solid and they are a company that is completely in love with this sport!

Be Rogue. Fish Rogue.

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