Grabbing Glass with Cameron Mortenson

A good blog, is a good blog, is a good blog. Especially in the world of fly fishing. In a sport dominated by many who don’t know what the word blog means, original content is few and far between. Enter Cameron Mortenson and The Fiberglass Manifesto. Not only has he been working the fly fishing blog scene since we fly anglers came to the ebbing waters of the internet, but he chose a fraction of the fraction of fly fishers to speak for: Glass Geeks.

That is fiberglass rod aficionados. The affection and demand for fiberglass is growing and Cameron is on the forefront of the pro-glass battle with his growing force of Fiberglass Comrades. I reached out to the leader of the the Fiberglass Party and asked him a few questions about his efforts to promote fiberglass and to see what makes him tick.

What’s the one thing you want people to know about fly fishing with glass?

CM: One thing? Simple. It’s a lot of fun! You can feel the fly rod load, which I think is an essential component to the motion of fly casting. Casting glass just has way more feel and there isn’t anything like the big bend of a glass stick under the pressure of a fish.


What has been the greatest joy that has come from your blog?

CM: I’ve been writing T.F.M. for over four years now and from day one the focus has been to highlight the work of the various rod shops that build fiberglass fly rods and blanks. The number of glass builders has increased quite a bit over the years and the quality of fiberglass fly rods and blanks available today is exceptional. Along the way, interest from anglers has greatly increased as well and there are likely more anglers using fiberglass than have been in the past twenty years. Fiberglass will always be a niche, but I’m going to keep doing what I do to make sure that it doesn’t lose it’s place.

Anything you are personally stoked about for your blog in 2013?

CM: This is going to be an interesting year on a couple fronts. I am looking forward to spending more time outside with my wife and children in our kayaks and fishing together. Maybe our daughter Hadley will “graduate” from crickets to flies this summer while we’re hunting up a few bluegill. We’ll see. There are a lot of travel plans in the works including a quick weekend trip to Somerset to attend the Fly Fishing Show at the end of January and later this summer T.F.M. is hosting a trip to Beaver Island, Michigan which I am beyond excited about! Mixed in between will be a few Fly Fishing Film Tour stops, the Tie-One-On-Athon in Asheville in February, and the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo in March.
Of course there will be quite a bit of fly fishing fit in the year covering all the bases from warmwater, saltwater, and coldwater. This year should be pretty damn stellar if it works out as planned.

Comrade Patches

Best bit of Fly Fishing Zen?

CM: There have been a few times that I’ve felt “fly fishing Zen” but I enjoy remembering a time when my wife and I were first married and we took a backpacking trip into Rocky Mountain National Park. We hiked into a string of lakes, which held greenback cutthroats, for a couple days of hiking and fly fishing. The third lake of the trip involved following what was more or less a game trail, scrambling over a wicked boulder field, and then finally stepping over the rocks to find a small bowl shaped lake with a rock face extending straight up what seemed to be a thousand feet or more from the backside of the lake.

A storm was moving up the mountainside and I had just enough time to assemble my four weight, tie on a small black foam beetle, and drop a cast in front a large cruising cutthroat. The cutthroat sucked in the fly without hesitation and, as I was fighting it, thunder began to roll loudly (a little to close for comfort) in the dark clouds. It was time to move back down the mountain to our campsite. I felt Zen there.

Thanks again to Cameron and be sure to visit his website as well as follow @fbrglssmnfsto on Twitter. It is updated on a daily basis and a great way to get your fly fishing fix online!

Be Rogue. Fish Rogue.

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One response to “Grabbing Glass with Cameron Mortenson

  1. Nice to see a write up on TFM. Cameron has given me a lot of support over the years on my blog ( without asking anything in return. He’s obviously a stellar dude and i hope to be able to show him the Texas Hill Country some day soon.

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