Hybrid Kebari

This week has been about a couple things for me: Winter Fishing & Tenkara. Winter Steelhead season is about to explode here in the Rogue Valley, so checking water flows and getting my winter flies organized has been an after work ritual. Second, once stumbling into the world of Tenkara I have spent this week researching what it’s all about. I am getting excited about the prospect of fishing some small streams and ponds when the steelhead action is slow. To bridge winter fishing and Tenkara together I have come up with this pattern. It’s a Kebari-style, reverse hackle fly that I feel could be fished for anything from bluegill to trout even steelhead, on fly outfits and Tenkara gear alike. (Tenkara + Steelhead may not work out even though this happened!)

Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Be Rogue. Fish Rogue.

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